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Rules of posting up suggestions.

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1 Rules of posting up suggestions. on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:14 pm


A suggestion is a thought or idea, that you think may help or improve something [the server] .


1 . This section is for posting up suggestions ONLY .

2 . Don't post up a suggestion twice or if you did not know, it shall be deleted.

3 . Don't plagiarize someone else suggestion and say you suggested it first.

4 . If your going to fight about a suggestion topic, please take it somewhere else. We GMs will approve or deny the idea.

These are the rules for now. If these rules are violated, we'll give you a warning, second, then forum account banned from posting for a certain amount of time. Remember, this is a THOUGHT or IDEA so, feel free to post anything that comes in mind.

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