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The Islands of Euphresia (v18)

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1 The Islands of Euphresia (v18) on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:20 am

Rakii (Ajeje Ü)

ALL Masquerpets are aggravated.
Certain rules apply:

1) You must be in a party to enter dungeon but party is not teleported to dungeon if you enter it. You may proceed alone, though this is not advised
2) All class can enter this dungeon.
3) If you leave the Dungeon you must wait 90 minutes cooldown time to re-enter.

This dungeon is for any class. This is a party dungeon so masquerpets hit hard and have a lot of hp. Rewards are very interesting.

- Vile Mushbro Lvl 75M
- Vile Blossom Lvl 76M
- Vile Oldroot Lvl 77M
- Vile Minimusha Lvl 78M
- Vile Lady Bloom Lvl 79M
- Vile Nightmyst Lvl 80M
- [Vile Queen of Thorns] Entaness Lvl 85M

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2 Help me Please on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:28 am


not letting me go in the dungen this one ;O

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