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1 Applying For GM APPLICATION on Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:20 am


Name:Mark Del Rosario
Location: Morong Rizal
Time ZOne:+12GMT
Experience Being Game Master:I Experience in your own Flyff Game The First of All is FlyffHelix and Fly For Keria and Fliptopflyff we have lot of experience in game moderating ^^ and also i miss you 2 raki and ken the old memories we play XD recovering items to the player after you wipe your server ahahaha and make player happy and ken said to me that if im back for being gm ken will always be active here in smurf ^^ thats why i play dis because i miss u and you are my friend in nitak and jejemonflyff xD
Why do you want to become a Game Moderator:Because i have a lot of experience of being GM in ur own GM and make your server Happy and im always online now because i have now an internet and im also help you to develop your server make edit items ^^ and many more because i'm a pro it now haha LAWLZ JOKE just kidding
How Did You Found us:i found this in gerry and gerrick also in ken XD

Good Luck To Your Server Raki have a Great Flyff Server Keep up the Good Work
~Demian LAWLZ xD

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