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Vasu's Gm Application

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1 Vasu's Gm Application on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:48 pm


Real Life First Name:Vasu

Age: 13 Years Old

Main Character Name: Babyskate[ Blade ]

Country Of Residence: Sweden <3

City Of Residence: Stockholm :3

Timezone( GMT ): GMT +1

Languages You Speak Fluently: Hmm... Swedish And English

What Is You'r Gaming Schedule For Smurf Flyff: Hmm,I play about 6-7 Hours a day..I wake up, Eat breakfast and start playing at about 1 Then i take a break at 5PM and take a lit snack or smthng ,Then i start playing again at 7pm To 9pm, After that i usually just sit and watch some TV

Tell Us A Little About Your Personality: Well Am a big fan of flyff ofcourse , Been playing since V2 i fink, And i also like the Nature aloot .Idk what more to write here

What Are Your Goals As Game-Master: Eww,First of all make the game a lit bit more fun by helping people that dont know what to do, Make events And help out the crew a lit bit tho

Why Should We Choose You Upon The Plethora Of Members Applying : Well, Am a nice guy and i would help people no matter if i'm a GM , CM , Admin Or Player, But to be a GM would help a little though cuz i would know the server much much better than i alrdy do. And then i woud be able to answer more questions, And another reason is that I'm no abuser. I would never abuse.. Never Ever!

Have You Ever Been A Game-Master Or Had Any Staff Experiences Before: Ye, Ive been Game-Master once, And the players thought i was the best LOL !

Have You Ever Been Kicked, Muted Or Banned From Our Server? Nevah Evah

Have You Ever Received Any Infractions / Warnings On The Forum? Nevah Evah lol

If Accepted What Will You Bring The Game-Master Team? Well Help Ofc, And a little more fun in the job cuz i got a great Humor Lolz..

Ye Well Thats My Application, Hope You Liked It,Any Questions Or Tips Then Just Post it ^^

Greetings:Vasu :3

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2 Re: Vasu's Gm Application on Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:58 pm

Rakii (Ajeje Ü)


Wrong format.
I need a Developer not a game master.

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3 Re:Vasu's Application on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:22 am


Just noticed but it aint a bad format'', And i thought you needed a gm since everybody else applyed for the GM position Wink

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