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Applying For Event GM..

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1 Applying For Event GM.. on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:18 pm



In-Real Life Name: Joranel Sugoran

Location: Valenzuela City

Age: 14

In-Game Name: xBhoBhOnIc,RSllSaboN,yOyOzKie,bHaLotChii,GoRa
Level & Job:129 Billposter,128 Elementor,129 Jester,129 Blade,129 Ranger
Hours online everyday: On Monday Tuesday Thursday 4-5hrs but on Friday,Saturday 10-11hrs On Sunday 6-7hrs

Working or Student: Student

Event Ideas: Fast Hand with Twist, Hide And Seek, 1 Penya Event, Bring me Event, Jumbled, Guess The Skill Event, Emoticon event..
Why would we choose you?: Because I think that i have a potential on this position.. and because of I am loyal for this server and for this game...

What are your uniqueness to other applicants?: Uhmm I think my uniqueness is I am active and more on patience and giving respect to others.

Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?: None.. This is my first time if i have given a chance to be on this position and I'll do my best to prove that I can be a good and nice Event GM..

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