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iiMii's GameMaster application

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1 iiMii's GameMaster application on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:01 am


In-Real Life Name:McLaren Antonio
Location:Valenzuela City
In-Game Name:iiMii
Level & Job:Lv129 Billposter
Hours online everyday:on school days[8-12hrs a days] on weekends[12-15hrs]
Working or Student:Student
Event Ideas:GuildSiege events,why?to help the server's donation problem.why again?players who are pvp/siege addicts are donating for the sake of their character's build/items to become strong and to overcome other players. And in this server,Non-Donor can't kill Full donate players. SO in order to pawn Donors,you need to donate and be strong.
Another event idea: HNS,DangerZone,GuildSiege for every jobs. ex. siege for blade,elementor etc.
thats all i can say for now
Why would we choose you?:i assure you ill be 100% active and friendly and most of all I will obey the rules and regulations of being a GameMaster
What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:uniqueness?i think my only advantage to them is that im that friendly enough and active enough
Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?:So far none,

ThankYou Very much for reading my "not so good" application lol!

Where to contact: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

thanks and more power to Smurf FLyff Smile

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