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Schultz's GM Application

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1 Schultz's GM Application on Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:22 pm


Name:Jay Schultz

In-Game Name:Shultz


Location:British Columbia/Canada


Experiences being a Game Master: I have helped on other servers, I helped people, the admin with technical difficulties. I also hosted events and watched over players for any suspicion and etc.

Why do you want to be a Game Master in our Server:
I want to be a Game Master in this server because it feels welcoming and the community is active. It is also a helpful and a very fun server and it is a server that makes me want to stay and interact with the community.

How did you found us? I found this server by being referred from one of my friends.

Additional Information:

I talk/understand : English,Tagalog,Visayan,Spanish
I am on at least 4 - 6 hours, 3 - 6 days a week.
I can help a bit with technical difficulties such as MSSQL, etc.

Suggestions for donations and more players.
For donations, there should be a VIP and VIP+ status, the "VIPs" has GM abilities such as teleporting and etc.
For more players, there should be more types of events, helpful staffs.

Thank you for reading my GM application, Jay.

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