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Increase Max Stack No. of Pots and Prems .... [Read More]

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1. Increase Max Stack No.of Pots and Premiums

2. Add more premiums in the shop like Vital X, Upcuts, Grilled Eel, Scroll of Holy, Scroll of Resurrection (the premiums that were removed after v17 was applied)

3. Fix the Cooked Octopus and Corn Box (Now its "Soup Box of Vital")

4. Spawn an Indestructible Non Attacking Monster in town for us
Players to test our damage (Asal, HOP, Crit, etc...)
Like a Star @ heaven

Thank You! Very Happy

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I agree with the third suggestion.

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agree wint allbut about the fou:every monster/ player have difenrent magic/phisic defs

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