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Imperialism [Application for Event GM]

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1 Imperialism [Application for Event GM] on Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:41 pm


In-Real Life Name:
- Joseph Jocson
- Caloocan
- 18
In-Game Name:
- Imperialism
Level & Job:
140L blade
Hours online everyday:
- monday to friday 6 Hrs
- sat to sun 10 hrs
Working or Student:
- student
Event Ideas:
- owners name
- name of monster (ex. lvl 1 answ. aibat)
- question and answer
- fast hands
- bring me
- and more event
Why would we choose you?:
- because i have more exp. to being a event gm
- Choose me because i have a patience on our players and I will help those beginner to feel that they are belong to us but not for giving any item
What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:
- i am
- Trusted
- Patience
- Active
- Reliable
- Responsible
- Fair
- Helpful
Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?:
- Pilipinas Flyff - as a Owner
- Righteous Flyff - as a Eventr GM
- Lord Flyff - as a Event GM
- zFlyff - as a Head GM

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2 Re: Imperialism [Application for Event GM] on Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:17 pm

Rakii (Ajeje Ü)

All event ideas is common like what applicants putted in their applications. And your event ideas should be compiled to Question and Answer only (It's the same with Owner's name, Monsters Name etc.)

Pilipinas FlyFF? No. Wrong. You are not Aeohard.
What is zFlyFF? Zumina? or Zulu? or W/e.
I have in my MSN the owner of Righteous FlyFF. You liar.


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