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My Event GM Application

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1 My Event GM Application on Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:02 am


Before I start off, let me introduce myself. I'm Gemma, better known as Jools. I've been playing eFlyff since v11 but stopped in v13 to pursue a career in private servers.
Hope you enjoy my little application.

In-Real Life Name: Gemma Cunningham

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Age: 17

In-Game Name: JoolsYJ.

Level & Job: Level 60 Jester.

Hours online everyday: I will be able to play for around 6 hours on weekdays and around 12 on weekends.

Working or Student: I'm a student in my last year of school.

Event Ideas: Lets start off with a simple, well known event.

Hide 'n' Seek
This event is simple. I hide and give hints to where I am, first person to find me gets a prize.

In this event, I will tell players to gather a few items whether it be Forforms and Twinkle Stones or Mysterious Eyeballs and Blue Crystals. The first three people to give me the required items receives a prize.

The Hunt
I will spawn a giant somewhere in Madrigal whether it's Darkon 3 or Shaduwar. I will give hints to the monsters location and whoever finds it can kill it and take the loot.

I will give a certain players name to whoever wants to join in and whoever finds the player will duel him (if the level difference is too large, both players will go to arena for a showdown) and try to kill him.

Why would we choose you?: You should choose me because I think I have pretty good event ideas and also because I'm very experienced at managing large and successful communities without being under pressure. I also have almost perfect English grammar and can maintain a socially acceptable conversation.

What are your uniqueness to other applicants?: As I stated, I have perfect grammar and experience. I'm also a lot older and mature than most of the other applicants.

Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?: Yes, I am the ex-Community Manager and a Super Moderator at FlyForHero (ranked #1 in gtop100 with 500 players online at all times.) I also GM'd Cyclops Flyff for a month or two before I resigned.

I hope you enjoyed my application.


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