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Joram's Apply

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1 Joram's Apply on Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:31 am


In-Real Life Name: Joram Segers
In-Game Name:Joram
Level & Job: lvl 150 Billposter
Hours online everyday:5-15hr
Working or Student: Student
Event Ideas:Hide and Seek, Pet Roullet, Bring me, Siege,...
Why would we choose you?:Cuz Im Verry Respectfull player
I dont just upgrade stuff from me or someting else i like to help players tell them to vote before events and i will Be helpfull to the server always if you got problem you can alwas pm me even if im not gm
What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:
From me is only 1 :p Crazy Funny Cool im not lieng
I had much problems home i cant lie mine dad did it always i cant im fear

Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers

Well yes Just now its a long time ago like 1 month
In FeinkosteFlyff I did all work all gm's where doing stuff for there own i was helping players >.< Sometime if i come in xat ppls say hey you are that cool gm from feinkoste
or from another server just stupid that all servers dead i was last time gm/Owner at mine own server but it was on friends pc he was host but i just stopt it cuz as owner you need more exp Im e prof Gm Im learing Development im creating maps for fun and i wil love it join team

Thx Over And Out Very Happy

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