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GM application by Max

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1 GM application by Max on Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:54 pm


In-Real Life Name: Max Nicole Kit Tayo Formanes
Location: Leyte, Tacloban City
Age: 16
In-Game Name: xBeoWulfx
Character Job: Bill poster
Hours Online Everyday: monday and thursday 8pm-10pm
tuesday and friday 3pm-10pm
wensday 6am-9am and 5pm-10pm
saturday frop 7am-10pm
(saturday depends on NSTP)
sunday 8am-10pm
(if I'm not active that means I'm in
the hospital due to complications
and because I need to study for
major exams.)
Working or Student: Student of Leyte Normal University
as a 1st year political science student
Event Ideas: My ideas are:
Sharks: A player will have a buff
that can kill a player
in 1 hit and it would
last for 3min. the last
player standing is the
winner. (there will be
balances and rules to
be put according to the

Last man standing:
Rules are simple, kill all
enemies in sight.

Monster Vs. Player:
Its a time attack.

Love quotes?:
Using the system chat to
greet someone.
(We used to do this wayback
on the last Pserver I used
to play hehehe.)

Why would you choose me?: I wont be giving many business
talk, just give me a chance and
I wont let you down.

What are your uniqueness to the other applicants?
I always prioritize the ones who really needs
the help, I dont abuse power or taking
advantage over it. My patience is quite long.

Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?: Unfortunately none. But looking forward for this
opportunity to serve to your server.

Even though I am not qualified to be a Game Master, I will still help other players. I am just here to have power so that I can help players to the full extent.

That should be all thanks for reading it.
More power to flyff

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