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Fede Application For GM! ^^

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1 Fede Application For GM! ^^ on Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:30 pm


In-Real Life Name:Hello my real name it's Federico Hu a little Chinese ^^
Location:I live in italy and my GTM it's +1 so i can stay so much time in game with more people online ^^
Age:I'm 15 years old i know im little young but i played 4 years flyff so i think im good for this work ^^
In-Game Name:i have 2 char my main its DMonkey and i win 1 time Answer the question :3 but im doing a new char name: Fede ^^
Level & Job:My main DMonkey it's level 140 ForceMaster I love do siege and other things so im doing my second char name Fede level 140 Arcanist :3
Hours online everyday:I can stay 8 or 9 hours every days but depend of the days like if i need study ^^ if you will accept me i can stay more in game ^^
Working or Student:I'm a student in a informatic High School so i'm learning some things about programms
Event Ideas:Oh i love event.. I think every one love Invasion and i would do it every 2 days 1 time because if i do every days would be boring because all will have all so... i think invasion it's a special event.. i would like do too HnS will be really funny they search me Razz and Answer the question like ''What's The Real Name Of Khalgas?'' xD and that's all ^^
Why would we choose you?:because im funny!!! ^^ (joking) because i really want this so if u will choose me i will really be happy ^^ thanks
What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:I'm Chinese! (lol? and so?) mmmh... i played 4 years old flyff since v11 or 10 i don't remember i will do every things for this game like help people if need me ^^
Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?:Yeah I tryed Create A Pserver with my friends because we found a guide on google i did gm in my pserver but no 1 donate so... it close.. i started again to play flyff like 4 month when the summer started because have more time ^^ i think the commands of gm i remember like teleport kick player summon and other things

Thanks for reading my Application ^^ By Fede

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2 Re: Fede Application For GM! ^^ on Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:42 pm


Oh ps: can do event like donate event x2 and some time for 1 hour a little sale of items :3
aaand i can make video about tutorial how download flyff and how its the game ^^ :p

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3 Re: Fede Application For GM! ^^ on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:47 am


=o mmmh if u want ask me which command i know i know all because i did a pserver in some hour i remember so much things now ^^ if u would accept me i will be really happy to help this server ^^
And i have a new ideas of event like create at arena of saint morning totem i will get invisible and people will go in to the totem who come where i'm will go out or another event its Pet event every 1 will open shop with a name of a pet if my egg will come a name of who wrote it so they will out or mmmh only for heros duel event 1 versus 1 for who is the best in the server ^^ every 1 job have 1 win and will win a normal weapon :3 then Collection event! who will give me first like 10 quest item will win or a special event like 8 people in party every member need give me 100 quest item this 8 member will summon in a special gm insland then kill a few boss if they will kill they will win every 8 a cs non donor :3 so that's all thx for reading that

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