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Applying For Staff Position

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1 Applying For Staff Position on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:19 pm


In-Real Life Name:
Julius Patrick Tolin

Lucena City, Quezon

Age: 16

In-Game Name:

ForceMaster= LVL 150
Arcanist= LVL 147

Hours Online Everyday:
Weekdays/Monday-Friday 4:00pm-12:00mn
Weekends/Saturday-Sunday 6:00:am-12:00mn

Working Or Student:

Event Ideas:

-Hide And Seek Event:with Interesting/Logical Clues
-Question And Answer Event:about True Life Happenings/In-Game Ideas
-One Versus All (NDGS)
-Follow The Clues
-Vagrant Wars
-Joking Ideas Event (Majority Wins)
-Pop Art Fusion (Basic Instructions)
-Time Lap Race
-Summon and Win event (Including Other Participants (GM's)
-Last Man Standing
-Best Fashion Event
-and many more...

Some Events are Occasionally Held (Mixed)

Why would we choose you?:
-To give the majority what event they want and help other players make fun/happy of what they are doing

What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:
-In my experience playing this game i know what a Smurf player wants and in fact i am not like those other applicants/STAFF ignoring other players if they need help,of course i will help them because that's my job of being a staff in Smurf Flyff not only for making events but give this game meaningful to all of the players

Any experience being a staff in other Flyff Private Servers?:
-I don't have any experience of being a Staff but i applied once on other Private server
and they allowed me to handle an event for 1 day.

Posted Aug 30,2011 11:21PM Wink

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