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Christian Evnt GM Application

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1 Christian Evnt GM Application on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:11 pm


In-Real Life Name: Christian Perez

Location: Los Angeles, California


In-Game Name:Jabba or Legos

Level & Job:Jabba 140 Slayer and Legos 130 Ranger

Hours online everyday:Monday-Friday: 3:30-10:30 pm and Saturday-Sunday 8:00 am-11:30 pm

Working or Student: I Am Both am a Student and I work

Event Ideas:Jump Jump Event: Basically is easy have Smurfs Players Gather Up at Collecting Area and i go invisibleand i say go and Smurfs Players will Jump and Jump Like one crazy Player that u are then i say Stop The One that is closes to me WINS the Sexy Prize.

Why would we choose you?:I am a Bilingual of Spanish and English i can help all the Spanish and English Speaker. Am a 17 year old male and i like helping ppl that needs help and i do my best to help them if i cant help then ill try a different way to figure that small problem the Smurfs Players have and if i cant get it working ill tell one os the Admin to fix this Minor Problem

What are your uniqueness to other applicants?:What makes me uniqueness of other players hum what can i say. I have made my own server with the friends and it was cool. I just like having fun with players Talk to them u can have fun and be happy while ur doing stuff Very Happy

Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?: Like i said i made my own server and yes i been GM (Game Master) in some servers i been mostly in my friends server but there down but if u need some evidence just tell me for i can bring my friend over here and tell u so yea.

Thank u Smurfs Server for the best time of my life Very Happy like playing this game because its funs and u can talk to people.

How i found this Server? I Found this server while i was looking at
and i said why wont i test this server out and i did and i liked it so i stayed and i like it so much ;D

Thank u very much and thanks for reading my Topic

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