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Aeohard (IGN: Malakas) GM Application....

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1 Aeohard (IGN: Malakas) GM Application.... on Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:43 pm


Real Name:
>Ian Jay Dionila

In-Game Name:

>20 taong gulang


Active Email Address:

Currently working on other server? Yes or No?:

Any experience developing in other server? Explain further:
>Yes I have already.. I have my own server (FlyForPilinas)...I'm thinking if I'm going to continue developing it or not coz it so hard to manage the server alone..

What type of developer you are? Explain.:
>I want to be a GameMaster but if you need my help of being Developer (Reparing some errors), I can help with you....

Show some of your works.(Minimum of 5 Images):
>Works? hmmmmm...Just ask GM SmurfGrouchy & GM Poee about this... Smile)

I Hope i can be part of your developer/GameMaster staff team Smile

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