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IceFrog/DeFrog's GameMaster Application

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1 IceFrog/DeFrog's GameMaster Application on Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:28 am

Filben John Broca

In-Game Name:

Age: going

Talisay Cebu City

GMT + 8

Experiences being a Game Master:
In my years of playing Flyff since v8,
started playing private server when the version is 10,
honestly in my whole life i dont have the oppurtunity to be in a position,
but based in my experience as a local player i am good follower,
im very obedient and responsible, ive follow rules and regulations (if there is rules and regulations here) lol.

Why do you want to be a Game Master in our Server:
I personally believe that I am the most qualified as a GamesMaster on the Smurf flyff.
I am not bias when it comes to helping people with their problems.
My knowledge over flyff extends to almost 5 years of experience.
I know Flyff inside and out and I am rarely faced with a question that I will not know right away.
Therefore, I believe that I am the most qualified person for the Gamemaster Position.

How did you found us?
I found the the site in Gtop, i browsed, uhm well everyday i browse for ranking Smile
btw i want to suggest to put votation bar or whatsoever so that people can vote the server.

I can help the server by helping out people who needs help. Not by giving them items but
giving an idea what to do :for example: How to become rich? Where to farm fast? and etc.
And by being active in the game,forum and xat Razz

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