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Hi there GM application!

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1 Hi there GM application! on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:16 pm


Name: Wendell Sean R. Taylor
In-Game Name: lAkashil , lTooWeak2BeatMel
Age: 17
Location:Puerto Princesa City, Phillipines
Timezone: GMT +8

Experiences being a Game Master:
Ive been A gm of the wiped server Legacy Flyff..
Ive been doing many events there such as Racing, HnS, QnA, etc.
I banned people If Im pretty sure that they have disobeyed the rules.

Why do you want to be a Game Master in our Server:
Because of the wipe out..
many foreign donators asked me in facebook But Iam not authorized to answer their questions.
And at the same time I want to help other flyffers!
Ive been playing many flyff Pservers, If Im not mistaken about 26-27 flyff p servers I think.
Ive been playing flyff since V13. I actually played Flyff PH.
But I was Bored so I tried the P server.

How did you found us?
While Im searching Gtop i saw the promotion of Smurfs.
I was convinced that maybe or this flyff will be the 1st place in Gtop in the near future.

I have met the requirements.
I cant post this Topic on the Application thread so I post it here.
*To Apply. You need at least 10 Posts in forums (but dont spam.)
And Level 129-H Ingame

Hope your kind consideration.
Dearly Yours,

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2 Re: Hi there GM application! on Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:30 am

Wrong Section.:s.

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3 Re: Hi there GM application! on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:44 pm


I think Sir Rakii closed the application for staff as they are already full.. Not sure about that, but yeah.. I want to apply as a forum moderator too. ^^

Anyway, as someone mentioned, wrong section..

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