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Selling&Buying Stuff NEW :D!!!!!!!

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1 Selling&Buying Stuff NEW :D!!!!!!! on Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:43 pm


ok i'm Selling alot of (130 sets +10 Male and female):
Also (Behe Weapons&Diamonds&Emarlds&Shapire&Ruby's&Topaz&: 47 Scroll of Holy)

I accept Trade's from the Following (:
1.Perin Sets
2.Rema Sets
3.Random Stuff xD lol!

I'm Buying:(2xthe HG & BeHeBow & 2xthe BeHeAxe& 10k Red Chips i will trade behe weapon for it or 5x the 130 set) Very Happy
It's your offer ok .__.

Twisted Evil Razz So Messege me in the Post Also A Faster way to Contact Me is in the game My ING:is NoxxiisSexy & ProBlader:D i got other Chars but i dont use as much alien Very Happy but these are my Main Twisted Evil Twisted Evil But messege me in post xD cuz i wanna reply in post Very Happy

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