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Error Number 193 Neuz.exe Run error plz helpppp.

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hey i need ur help,i patched the game and when i press start, it says:" Error Number:193 Neuz.exe Run Error. PLz help me i need to play this game. Shocked

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Many people have had this problem in other servers and its OKAY. Your antivirus detects it out of plain technological stupidity LOL. Anyways what you have to do is disable your antivirus and right now im just going to assume that you have AVG. I will give you steps if you do.

1) double click your AVG icon in your Task bar
2) the AVG interface should come up -- double click resident shield
3) un-check resident shield active and SAVE CHANGES (remember to save changes because thats to apply it)
4) run it again and it should work

Smile hope it worked HAPPY GAMING ^^;

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