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Suggested Forum Rules

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1 Suggested Forum Rules on Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:33 pm


If the admins like the rules, please feel free to stick or use it..

1. Respect the admins/moderators/players of the forums (If you want to be respected, respect the others first)

2. No advertisement of other private servers (You don't want the Smurf loyal gamers to be switching to other servers. We want more people coming in the server, not going out)

3. No necroposting (If a topic has died for months, don't even bother posting on it. The reason the topic died itself is probably because the topic is irrelevant to help other players. Exceptions can be made if the topic is worth to talk about)

4. No swearing, saying bad words, or any sort of bulls#*t (We want the forums to be respected. If you can't really handle your words, try to use special character such as @#$%&*)

5. No posting of inappropriate website (i.e. pornsites, hacking websites, etc. The reason again, we want the forums to be respected)

6. Please post on the right section (It will make the forums easier to navigate and search)

Please feel free to add, or delete any of the those..

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2 Tamaa on Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:33 pm

May point ka jan dre LiKE santa

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