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Sandra's application.

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1 Sandra's application. on Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:44 am


In-Real Life Name: My name is Sandra Nowak,
Location: I am from Poland,
Age: I'm 16 years old,
In-Game Name: Ouch,
Level & Job: 141 Force Master,
Hours online everyday: I'm online 2-5h per day,
Working or Student: I'm student of high school (IT)
Event Ideas:
My event ideas:

  • QI Race! (Players will have to collect quest items choosed by GM, first won)
  • Fashion event (the best fashion combination win <there can be sections of: cute, funny etc.>)
  • GM Kill event
  • OX event (There will be 10 questions and 2 areas on map (one O and one X area) O - mean true, X - mean false. When the players hear questions they have 5 sec to run in one of area, all players in correct area will get a small prize (i want u to made event npc what will sell special items for special event valut so players can gain it)
  • Cloak event (special event that players will be able to made their own cloak designs, winnwers will use it in game)
  • GM Shop (sometimes GM will open shop with items whats not able in game i mean here special scrolls etc.)
  • Art event (players will made ther own art job of smurf flyff)
  • Facebook event (to do this event you need to made special system, like vote but with facebook, this who apply will have posted advert on him board for reward he will gain special buff for 1 week and title Facebook Master or so. More adverts = more players = more donators)

Why would we choose you?: I am active and ingenious. Im learning very fast so u can give me the duties associated with the server.I have no problems communicating with people.
What are your uniqueness to other applicants?: I am a nice and creative and I have ideas to get more players and donators.
Any experience being a staff in other FlyFF Private Servers?: Well I was GM only on my own server.. just to try builds Wink I just never post applicastions on other server. I hope you choose me, in the end somehow I have to get this experience.

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